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I Love the '40s!: Positive Aftereffects of the Last Huge Economic Downturn/Major Overseas War Tandem

My, how times have changed. . . .

The following is an excerpt from the November 7, 1947, edition of The Red and Black:

If the gods willed it that the Bulldogs had to lose a game this year, we wish it could have been only to Florida. The reason is simply this. The Gators played nine games last year and failed to come up with a victory in a single one of them. Then were topped in their first four tilts this season before they pulled a 7-6 upset over Beattie Feathers’ North Carolina State Wolfpack. It was their first win in 14 starts.

The following day, in Jacksonville, Georgia beat Florida by a 34-6 margin to claim the Bulldogs’ sixth straight series victory over the Gators.

Go ‘Dawgs!