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The Donald Loves Him Some Herschel.

Some months back Paul Westerdawg brought you the news that Herschel Walker was spotted around New York City competing on the latest season of Donald Trump's television show The Celebrity Apprentice. The shows that were filming during the fall are now airing, and three weeks into the competition, Herschel is still among the participants (having proven that he has a sharper business acumen than Dennis Rodman and comedians Andrew Dice Clay and Tom Green. I know, I wasn't surprised, either).

Donald Trump of course has known Herschel for a long time. The Donald once owned the New Jersey Generals, for whom #34 set the record for most rushing yards in a professional football season (2411 in 1985). Trump explains on his blog (or, I suspect, the blog some guy in the Trump Enterprises PR Department writes for him) why he picked Herschel to appear on the show. It's nothing you didn't already know about Herschel, but it is cool to see him get some recognition. And if you're walking down Wall Street and Herschel tries to sell you a poorly made necktie or an autographed picture of Bryan McKnight, please pay up. It's for charity. And I'm fairly certain that a Joan Rivers victory would herald the end of Western Civilization. So there's that, too. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!