On a more serious note, keep Urban Meyer and his family in your prayers

Recently, I authored and published a posting regarding Lane Kiffin's ill-considered and erroneous comments about Urban Meyer. This posting was intended as humorous, and I believe that, for the most part, it came off as intended.

However, a conscientious commenter from the Gator faithful who graciously gave me the benefit of the doubt called my attention to the fact that I inadvertently may have done the very thing Coach Kiffin did by making comments about Coach Meyer which were mistaken to the point of being insensitive.

The following is the pertinent passage from a response to the Lane Kiffin story:

We don’t know for sure how Urban Meyer reacted to this statement. He’s up in Ohio with his dad Bud, who has been battling cancer.

Obviously, I would not have made so much as a passing allusion to Coach Meyer's relationship with his family, even in jest, had I been aware of the situation with his father. The jokes I made were made in ignorance rather than with ill will, but that does not change their effect and I apologize to anyone who was offended.

Whatever differences divide us on the football field are meaningless in circumstances such as these. Please keep Bud Meyer and his family in your thoughts and prayers. Athletics rivalries are inconsequential in moments such as these, and all good people, of whatever team affiliation, ought to remember Coach Meyer and his family during this trying time.

Our best wishes go out to Bud Meyer, and my thanks go out to ufsm, both for calling my attention to this fact and for doing so in the way that he did.

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