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Jeff Owens Joins "The Dawgosphere"

I just finished updating the blog roll on the sidebar last month, but it’s already time to update it again, for reasons Paul Westerdawg has highlighted.

Jeff Owens has a weblog.

Yes, that’s right . . . Jeff Owens. That Jeff Owens, as in defensive tackle Jeff Owens.

I consider this great news, in spite of the fact that having a notable player and senior leader giving us the inside skinny on the football program is going to put guys like MaconDawg and me out of business.

At least Doug Gillett has political blogging to fall back on . . . well, that, and being smooth.

Paul already called your attention to Jeff’s stirring explanation of what it means to wear the "G," but his blog also features an interview with Rod Battle and, of course, a countdown clock telling us how many days are left until the Oklahoma State game. I love that attitude.

In his introductory posting all about himself, Owens asks himself some questions and answers them, including listing his best physical feature (his calves), revealing his fears (which, quite reasonably, include getting injured again and bears), and telling us whether he’s ever been beaten up (not surprisingly, he hasn’t). Jeff also has this to say:

First Thought Waking Up: To give God the glory
Goal for this year: To win a National Championship, to be first team All-SEC, All American and win an Outland Trophy

Once again, I like that attitude. Paul elected not to cut and paste Jeff’s thoughts on what wearing the "G" means to him personally, so I won’t, either, but I would encourage you to go read it. After a season that was disappointing for all of us, and for no one more so than the players themselves, it’s good to read some of the things Jeff Owens has to say about his experience as a Georgia Bulldog, which will remind you why we’re all as proud to root for the men who wear the "G" as they are to wear it.

Go ‘Dawgs!