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Lane Kiffin Continues To Make Friends and Influence People.

I'll have more recruiting postmortem tonight or tomorrow, but in the meantime, join me in marveling at the foot in mouth antics of Tennessee coach General Peachfuzz, Jr. In one press appearance he managed to accuse, inflame or otherwise castigate:

a) Urban Meyer;

b) Nick Saban;

c) football coaches and administrators in one of the most talent-rich areas of the southeast.

He also implied that Marlon Brown would have gone to Tennessee, except that his grandmother wouldn't let him. If so, I take that as an indication that the lady is a fine judge of character.

You keep 'em coming coach. I'll tell Marlon Brown's grandmother you said hello. Until Kiffykins says something else outlandish . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!

 Edit: The Kiffster appears to have also found a way to galvanize Georgia, Florida and Alabama fans. He's like Gandhi, except with hair and millions of dollars.