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The First Annual Dawgsports Signing Day Pick 'Em.

National Signing Day is bearing down on us like a horde of nose tackles at the Shoney's breakfast bar. In both cases, you have two choices: get out of the way or dive right in along with everybody else.

So, in the spirit of the season I bring you the first ever Dawgsports Signing Day Pick 'Em. The rules are simple: I list the top uncommitted prospects considering the University of Georgia. You tell me where you think they end up faxing their letters of intent. I'll be putting my guesses to the test as well. If I hit 50%, I advise you proceed directly to the fallout shelters. Because that will surely mean nuclear apocalypse is near. I would have done this before, but frankly, this is the first year we've had more than two guys considering us this late. So with no further ado, where are they going?

Marlon Brown, WR: Considering Georgia, Ohio State, Ole Miss and Tennessee. The top player in Tennessee and tops on a lot of wish lists. After missing on several wide receivers, Georgia's situation at the position is approaching dire. Lane Kiffin has made Brown his top priority since taking over for Phil Fulmer. Brown will be under a lot of pressure to go to Knoxville, but it would be very sweet indeed to see him diss the Vols. In the end, I'm not sure he can resist the local pressure. MaconDawg's uneducated guess likely to be totally wrong:Tennessee

Orson Charles, TE: Considering Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and USC. Plans to visit USC after signing day, so we may not know about him for  a while. Broke Florida's national championship trophy. His good friend and high school teammate Aaron Murray already signed with Georgia. MaconDawg's uneducated guess likely to be totally wrong: Georgia

Kwame Geathers, DT: Considering Clemson, Florida State, Georgia, Maryland, South Carolina, and Central Florida, among others. I know better than to guess where one of the Geathers family will be signing. But I'm doing it anyway. I think Geathers is ours to lose, if we have a scholarship to offer him, which we might if my other predictions pan out. If however we don't whiff on Marlon Brown or Jarvis Jones, there may not be room for him. MaconDawg's uneducated guess likely to be totally wrong: South Carolina

Jarvis Jones, LB/DE: Considering Florida, Georgia, Texas and USC. Jones has seemed ticketed to go out of state since the beginning of his recruitment. The 'Dawgs have tried really hard with him. Most of the "experts" seem to think that Florida is the leader. I wouldn't be surprised by that, but I have a totally out of the blue hunch that Jones will be swayed by the recruiting pitch of Will "Boom" Muschamp, who's been trying to secure his commitment for the University of Texas. MaconDawg's uneducated guess likely to be totally wrong: Texas

Greg Reid, CB: Considering Alabama, Georgia and Florida State. The Lowndes cornerback/tailback jilted Urban Meyer and has since been courted by every college football coach in the southeast. However in the past week he's spent 6 hours in an inhome visit with the Georgia coaches, taken an official visit to Athens with his buddies Mike Gilliard, Dexter Moody and Washaun Ealey, and announced that Mark Richt is holding the #24 jersey previously worn by Knowshon Moreno for him. All of that would seem to indicate either a) he's going to Georgia or b) he'll soon be hated vehemently by Georgia fans for getting their collective hopes up. MaconDawg's uneducated guess likely to be totally wrong: Georgia

Jawanza Starling, S: Considering Florida State and Georgia. The Tallahassee (Lincoln H.S. safety has been our #1 target at his position for some time. He's a cousin of Bryan Evans. Georgia has never had any luck getting guys from Lincoln. I am not firmly convinced we can do it in this instance. But stranger things have happened. MaconDawg's uneducated guess likely to be totally wrong: Georgia

So, what's your guess? The winner gets, well, the adoration of your fellow commenters. But it's better than nothing. Until tomorrow . . .


Go 'Dawgs!!!