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UGA Baseball Hits The Airwaves

While Kyle is the chief purveyor of all things baseball around these parts, I would be remiss if I didn't point out that has the complete UGA baseball TV schedule up.

There are currently 18 broadcasts planned across a series of regional networks, including CSS, SportsSouth and Cox. So you probably won't get to see all 18, unless you and a few friends/friendly bar owners combine your cable/satellite resources. But it is a lot more regional television exposure than most college baseball programs could dream of. That's partially a result of last season's NCAA runner-up finish and strong prospects for 2009. And Lauren Massanari. But I digress.

I would also be remiss if I didn't say this: Foley Field is a great place for weekend entertainment. Seriously, if you're a baseball fan and don't want to trek to Turner Field, Dave Perno's crew is currently serving up a great product at competitive prices in an appealing locale. As if you needed an excuse to laze around the Classic City during the Spring. Plus, the chili dogs at the Varsity beat those at your local professional baseball park by every conceivable measure. Let's not forget that. For example, the March 20-22 series against Mississippi State should feature some good baseball. I'm just saying.