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A Brief Programming Note Before Baseball Season Begins

So as not to cause undue alarm, I will begin with the good news: I have not been kidnapped by insurgent Bulldog fans. (Honestly, we’re not the insurgent type. Hanging a defensive coordinator in effigy for the sin of not being Erk Russell really is about as militant as we get. As long as other folks aren’t ripping chunks out of our hedges, burning our home towns to the ground, or shipping our great-great-grandfathers off to P.O.W. camps in Maryland, we’re a pretty easygoing and agreeable people.)

Nevertheless, I only just wrapped up the last of my recaps from football season, and this weekend marks the starts of the regular-season stretch run for Suzanne Yoculan’s last gymnastics squad and college baseball season for the defending conference champion Diamond Dogs. Frankly, I could use a couple of days to catch my breath before that gets underway.

I’m not saying for certain that there won’t be any postings from me between now and Friday; there very well may be, and, even if there aren’t, MaconDawg may post something and the rest of you remain free, as always, to take up the slack in the fanposts. (This would be a good week to get a quality fanpost promoted to the front page, in fact, so, if you have a thought you’d like to share, this is an excellent opportunity for furthering the community discussion.)

I’m just saying I’m going to take it easy this week, so daily content is not guaranteed before we dive headlong into baseball season and the hardest part of the gymnastics campaign. Talk amongst yourselves; smoke ‘em if you’ve got ‘em.

Go ‘Dawgs!