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Jeff Owens Interviews Joe Cox; Bulldog Nation's Mood Improves

Before you start to fret about next football season, take the time to read Jeff Owens’s interview with Joe Cox. It will make you proud to be a Bulldog.

A few highlights:

  • Joe C. wants to be taller. Don’t we all?

  • The Ginger Assassin’s favorite color is green---hopefully, that’s capitalized and has an "e" on the end---and he will be a graduate assistant in Athens after he receives his degree. He also gets in a nice reference to his prep program that puts his high school on a par with Ohio State University. Given how well the Buckeyes fare against the S.E.C. in bowl games, that sounds about right.

  • The White Shockley loves the movie "Old School," likes Halle Berry, and hates reality television. Honestly, how could you not be a fan of this guy?

  • Finally, Cox lists as his proudest accomplishment as a Bulldog the fact that he was a member of the 2005 S.E.C. championship team. That, to me, speaks volumes about the caliber of Georgia’s 2009 starting quarterback. No one could have groused about it if Cox had claimed as his finest moment the day he came off the bench to lead the ‘Dawgs to a comeback win over the Buffaloes in Sanford Stadium, but, rather than emphasize the pinnacle of his personal highlight reel, Cox pointed to an achievement that was all about the team and not at all about him.

I don’t know how many games the Red and Black will win next year, but I know this: we will always have a chance as long as Joe Cox is under center. He may not have either the build or the arm of an N.F.L. quarterback, but Joe C. has the heart of a champion.

This is more good stuff from Jeff Owens. Be sure you’re reading what No. 95 is writing on a regular basis.

Go ‘Dawgs!