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Should Russ Lose the "Interim Mascot" Tag and Be Named the New Uga?

In last night's comment thread, AuditDawg offered an interesting opinion:

I think Russ has earned his spot on the sidelines

All other circumstances be damned.

That's a valid point. Russ, after all, is 2-0, with a win over a conference champion in a rivalry game and a bowl victory, neither of which occurred between the hedges. He isn't all-white, the way all the earlier Ugas have been, but, honestly, is that really that important? Eventually, there's going to be a litter of Uga's pups that doesn't include an all-white male, and, besides, the Uga line began in the mid-1950s, shortly following Brown v. Board of Education but about five years prior to Hamilton Holmes's and Charlayne Hunter's arrival in Athens. The University of Georgia isn't all-white any longer; why should Uga be?

On the other hand, Russ's regal bearing may, in fact, be disinterest. I have a hard time picturing him leaping to take a bite out of an Auburn player and I can think of no qualification more important for a Georgia mascot than a visceral hatred of the Plainsmen. (I hate Auburn.) Moreover, Russ is a hefty fellow his ownself, which has not been a good sign for the health and longevity of Ugas in recent years. There also is the fact that, while the all-white thing is a bit arbitrary and inconsequential, it would represent a real departure from tradition to go with the previous Uga's brother rather than with his son. That's the sort of significant distinction that produces British wars and Shakespeare plays.

Which, then, is the better course? I believe Russ, like Otto, should receive the thanks of a grateful Bulldog Nation and that a younger, smaller mascot sired by Uga VII should take up the reigns next September, but AuditDawg makes a legitimate argument. What do you think?

Go 'Dawgs!