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Paul Johnson Joins Jeff Foxworthy Among Ranks of Georgia Tech-Affiliated Comedians

If you're like me, you begin your day with a cup of coffee and a quick jog through "Sprints" at SB Nation's SEC weblog, Team Speed Kills. This morning's edition contains many news items of note, from Mark Richt's comments in the wake of Bobby Bowden's retirement to Florida State's apparent interest in Kirby Smart, but this caught my attention in a big way:

"Why would the University of Georgia define Georgia Tech?" [Paul] Johnson said during an apperance on 790 The Zone's Brandon and Woolvey program. "What have they done to be the mark for Georgia Tech  football? . . ."

Why would the University of Georgia define Georgia Tech?

Are you kidding me?

Uh . . . because their long-running practical joke "George P. Burdell" is based on Georgia’s first quarterback, George Butler?

Or because, during the days of hazing, Georgia Tech freshmen were required to make "RAT" (recruit at Tech) caps with the words "To Hell with Georgia!" appearing on the top?

Or because, if you ask a Georgia Tech fan, "What’s the good word?" his response will be, "To Hell with Georgia!"?

Or because their fight song (which they sing even in the games in which they’re not playing the Bulldogs) includes a line about teaching their sons to yell (stop me if you’ve heard this one before), "To Hell with Georgia!"?

Or because their last head coach included clauses in his assistant coaches’ contracts providing bonuses if they beat Georgia?

Or because Paul Johnson's first Yellow Jacket squad listed among its team goals "beat Georgia"?

Or because SB Nation’s Georgia Tech blogger admits he would rather beat Georgia than win the ACC championship?

We have a saying in the Peach State: "Georgia fans think about Georgia Tech when Georgia Tech is good. Georgia Tech fans think about Georgia every day of their lives."

Paul Johnson is spewing pure 100 per cent BS, and he knows it. The University of Georgia defines Georgia Tech. It always has, and it always will. They’re the Michigan State to our Michigan and the Texas A&M to our Texas. Big brothers always define their little brothers, for good or ill.

Go 'Dawgs!