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Georgia Bulldogs Punter Drew Butler Is Not Just Another Guy

I was gently (and fairly) chided in the comments for failing to mention this fact, but the second-best Bulldog specialist in the Butler family is now officially the best punter in the country, as Drew Butler has brought home the Ray Guy Award.

Butler, the son of Hall of Fame placekicker Kevin Butler, consistently drew praise in Dawg Sports comment threads as one of the three best players on the 2009 Georgia squad. (Drew was deemed the Bulldogs' best special teams player while A.J. Green on offense and Rennie Curran on defense were regarded as the top players on their respective units.)

While we were glad to see Drew take the night off against Georgia Tech, all of us in Bulldog Nation were proud of his performance, as the Red and Black punter was one of the few consistent bright spots of the autumn.

No word yet on whether any Georgia fans plan to name a son "Drew" in Butler's honor, although I have a five-year-old nephew named Drew, and I plan to tell him he was named after the Bulldog punter and hope the boy is bad at math.

Congratulations, Drew Butler.

Go 'Dawgs!