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Georgia Bulldogs v. Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles Game Day Open Comment Thread

Finally, it's here! It's the game to which we all have been looking forward all season long! It's the Tennessee Tech game . . . they're like Tennessee and Tech combined!

All right, so it's a 1:00 kickoff against a Division I-AA opponent being televised on pay-per-view. It's still Georgia football, and it likely will give me this sorry season's penultimate (or---gulp!---perhaps even ultimate) opportunity to update the Mark Richt Victory Watch, so let's savor this one while we can . . . unless it goes badly, which is too terrible to contemplate.

Yet contemplate it we shall, and, if you are inclined to take part in the conversation, please feel free to share your reactions and remarks for the good of the order in the comments below.

Go 'Dawgs!