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5 Things: Tennessee Tech Edition.

1) Brandon Boykin. The Tennessee Tech kick return units have been pretty solid this season, averaging 23 yards per return on kickoffs and 10.7 yards on punt returns. However, they've also given up some return yardage, including 2 kicks returned for touchdowns against Kansas State. I'm guessing Boykin takes advantage of the Golden Eagle special teams for at least one big return. For all the early grumbling over special teams this season (including from yours truly) it's become clear that Boykin is a weapon with the ball in his hands, Blair Walsh is as good a placekicker as we could hope for (especially now that he's being allowed to kick it in the endzone) and Drew Butler has the ability to flip the field on punts (assuming we don't turn the ball over before getting to fourth down). At this point I'll take my bright spots wherever I can find them.

2) Marlon Brown. With Rantavious Wooten starting in place of the injured A.J. Green, Brown moves up a slot in the rotation. I'm thinking either the freshman from Memphis or the recently MIA Israel Troupe gets at least two catches. I'm betting on Brown, who I believe is just too talented not to have an impact at some point.

3) Logan Gray. Mike Bobo double-pinky swears that we will see Logan Gray, maybe during the first half. This should provide a lesson in perception for the astute observer. If Gray shines, we'll have a reinvigorated quarterback controversy, and questions about why we didn't see more of him earlier. If he lands with a thud, there will be much grumbling regarding the quarterback situation for 2010. Oh, the power of rampant group negativity.

4) Watson Brown's buddy the cowboy plumber/trainer/manager. Thanks, Paul. I've been waiting two years to link to this.

5) UGA 34, TTU 10. I expect a fairly flat performance that is nevertheless good enough to beat a team that's not only a 1-AA squad, but not a particularly good one at that (the Golden Eagles are 5-3, 4-2 in the Ohio Valley Conference). Here's hoping the 'Dawgs take care of business early heading into next week's showdown with Auburn that will go a long way toward defining the last third of this season. I'll see you in the open comment thread in a few hours. Until then . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!