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The Mark Richt Victory Watch

Although many supporters of our in-state rivals go out of their way to be insulting to us in the most petty and childish ways, I’m not going to return the favor by pretending this win meant less than it did.

Ordinarily, a win by the Georgia Bulldogs over the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets is more or less meaningless to me; wins over the Florida Gators, the Auburn Tigers, and the Tennessee Volunteers are a big deal, but my reaction to games against the Ramblin’ Wreck typically ranges between dejection and relief. Joy isn’t on the radar screen.

It’s nothing personal; it’s simply the fact that Georgia’s dominance over the Yellow Jackets during my lifetime has produced in me a sense of clean old-fashioned indifference. Georgia Tech simply isn’t that big a deal anymore. I basically regard the Golden Tornado as the South Carolina Gamecocks with less attractive women. That’s why I agree with Dawgnoxious that there’s no reason for us to play the Engineers every year; I’d much rather annually renew hostilities with our real ACC rivals.

I’m not going to lie to you, though. This win meant something. This win meant a lot.

My congratulations go out to Georgia Tech, which won a great moral victory tonight. The Yellow Jackets actually are good enough that I now regard a win over them as an achievement. I trust that eases the sting of being taught a little math by a bunch of Georgia boys they erroneously bee-lieve to be their intellectual inferiors. Contrary to what they have been claiming for the last twelve months, one in a row is not a winning streak.

It is therefore with great pride that I bring you the latest edition of the Mark Richt Victory Watch.

The Mark Richt Victory Watch now stands at 89. Mark Richt trails Vince Dooley by 112 victories on the all-time Georgia wins list.

After 116 games as the Bulldogs’ skipper, Mark Richt has a won-lost record of 89-27 (.767), which surpasses Wally Butts’s mark of 82-31-3 (.720) and Vince Dooley’s ledger of 77-34-5 (.685) at the same points in their respective careers.

A bowl win would give Coach Richt 90 wins in nine years. That averages out to ten wins a year. You can get a Georgia Tech graduate to double-check my math if you’d like.

Go ‘Dawgs!