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Georgia Bulldogs at Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Game Day Open Comment Thread

It's game day. You know what to do. Let's get this dadgum thing over with, already.

Frankly, I expect this one to get ugly, and not in a good way, so I'd encourage everyone to try to maintain control or, at least, lose control within the reasonable bounds of civility. Let's try to keep the more egregious profanities under wraps until their use is absolutely necessary, let's avoid saying anything nasty about anyone's mother, and let's remember that opposing fans have been known to link to our comment threads on their message boards. Let's not give the other side any ammunition, shall we?

This has been a lousy season and I expect it to end badly, but we should try to keep our heads about us while all about us are losing theirs. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Go 'Dawgs!