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Over or Under? Kentucky Edition.

Before you throw yourselves into the gameday open comment thread, ponder this question: exactly how important is a seventh win to this Georgia team? Clearly they will go into next week's matchup against Georgia Tech as a clear underdog for the first time since before Paul Johnson stood around looking like his turkey sandwich didn't agree with him*. 8-4 would not be out of line with preseason expectations. 6-6 would be a marked disappointment though not necessarily an outright disaster. So in my mind, this may be a season defining contest. Win and the Outback Bowl (or more likely the Peach-Fil-A Bowl) are still on the table. Lose and a lot of the bad vibes that had died down following the Auburn win bubble right back up to the surface.

I don't know exactly what's going to happen, that's why I'm asking you guys, over or under?

1) Kentucky's Randall Cobb plays 4.9 snaps in the backfield for the Fighting Red Foremans.

2) Tavarres King hauls in 2.9 catches in the absence of A.J. Green.

3) Rantavious Wooten snags 2.9 catches in the absence of A.J. Green.

4) Kentucky freshman quarterback Morgan Newton throws 1.9 interceptions.

5) Uga VII's empty dawghouse shows up 4.9 times during the ESPN television broadcast.

6) Rennie Curran plays 0.9 more snaps in Sanford Stadium after today.

7) Reshad Jones plays 0.9 more snaps in Sanford Stadium after today.

8) Washaun Ealey rushes for 99.9 yards.

Bonus question: Who leads the University of Georgia in rushing yardage tonight?

I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully to celebrate the latest edition of the Mark Richt Victory Watch. Until then . . .

Go Dawgs!!!


* Not exactly true. Paul Johnson last smiled on a sideline in 1982. It was a mistake he will never repeat.