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Programming Notes: Dawg Sports Radio Appearance Set for 7:15 Tonight

Two quick thoughts before we all dive into our day:

  • Tonight, as usual, I am scheduled to appear with John Frary on ESPN Radio out of St. Augustine. Please feel free to listen in by following the foregoing link and clicking on "Listen Live." I should be calling in around 7:15 p.m. this evening.

  • The current issue of Scientific American Mind contains a blurb which I fear is relevant to the Georgia Bulldogs’ string of failures in Jacksonville, which our coaching staff would do well to recall:
    "Success has a much greater influence on the brain than failure," says Massachusetts Institute of Technology neuroscientist Earl Miller, who led the research. He believes the findings apply to many aspects of daily life in which failures are left unpunished but achievements are rewarded in one way or another---such as when your teammates cheer your strikes at the bowling lane. The pleasurable feeling that comes with the successes is brought about by a surge in the neurotransmitter dopamine. By telling brain cells when they have struck gold, the chemical apparently signals them to keep doing whatever they did that led to success. As for failures, Miller says, we might do well to pay more attention to them, consciously encouraging our brain to learn a little more from failure than it would by default.

Go ‘Dawgs!