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Georgia Bulldogs v. Auburn Tigers Game Day Open Comment Thread

This is the big one. We've played the Plainsmen more times than anyone. We've lost to the Plainsmen more times than anyone. They've sabotaged more of our successful seasons than anyone. (The loss to the Gators in 2002 was a mere speed bump in comparison to the losses to the Tigers in 1942, 1971, and 1983.)

Georgia's in-state rivalry with Georgia Tech and Auburn's in-state rivalry with Alabama both have gone through fallow periods during which on-field hostilities ceased for years at a time, but, since 1894, it literally has taken a world war or the death of a player from injuries sustained during a game to prevent the Bulldogs and the Tigers from butting heads on the gridiron.

There is no more important game for Georgia than Auburn . . . ever.

I hate Auburn and your comments go below.

Go 'Dawgs! Auburna delenda est!