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Happy Birthday to Damon Evans and Aaron Murray, Two Damn Good 'Dawgs!

For me, at least, today is a busy day in what is going to be a busy week, so I can't afford to take Tuesday off, but, if you're a loyal booster of the Georgia Bulldogs and you're in a position to call in sick today, I strongly encourage you to do so, for today is an appropriate occasion for all loyal denizens of Bulldog Nation to take a holiday in celebration. (I really didn't mean to make that rhyme.)

On November 10, 1969, former Bulldog receiver and current Georgia athletic director Damon Evans was born. Anyone wishing to send appropriate "lordy, lordy, Damon's 40" birthday wishes to Evans may e-mail him here. (No, don't write him to tell him to fire Willie Martinez. It's the man's birthday; just write him to say happy birthday.)

On November 10, 1990, redshirt freshman quarterback Aaron Murray was born, as well, so all of us here at Dawg Sports send our best birthday wishes to a couple of damn good 'Dawgs.

Go 'Dawgs! Auburna delenda est!