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Over or Under: Tennessee Edition.

Now, 100% Kiffin free! With no further ado, I ask you, over or under? On Saturday:

1) Eric Berry will grab 0.9 interceptions.

2) A.J. Green will have 99.9 receiving yards.

3) Richard Samuel will carry the ball 7.9 times.

4) Jonathan Crompton will throw 1.9 interceptions.

5) Blair Walsh will connect on 1.9 field goals.

6) Monterio Hardesty will rush for 99.9 yards.

7) Tennessee will rush for 187.9 total yards (season average: 188.0).

8) Georgia will rush for 98.9 yards (season average: 98.8). Shudder.

9) Logan Gray will throw 0.9 passes. (season average: 0.000000).

10) Washaun Ealey will score 0.9 touchdowns.

11) If you answered over to # 10: This will trigger 0.9 TV flashbacks to that freshman from Johnson County, my God! A freshman!

Back tomorrow evening with your regularly scheduled Cocktail Thursday, the mixology of which is currently in progress. Until then . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!