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Mea Culpa

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Earlier this evening, I was scheduled to make my regular Monday appearance with John Frary on ESPN Radio. I wish I could claim that circumstances beyond my control prevented me from calling in, but, quite frankly, my evening got away from me. I was meeting my regular household responsibilities here at home and doing my part to get the kids fed, bathed, and off to bed, and, in the process, I looked up at 7:00, and, when I looked up again, it was 7:30. I just flat lost track of time.

As soon as I realized my mistake, I tried calling in to the station, and I used every means of communication I could to get through---I left a voice mail message on John's cell phone, sent him an e-mail, and even got my wife to show me how to send a text message---but, because John's regular Monday program is two hours long, it must stick to a strict schedule. It is simply not possible for him to reshuffle his carefully ordered regimen to accommodate my failure to do what I said I would do when I said I would do it.

I apologize to everyone who tried to tune in, and I apologize especially to John Frary and to ESPN Radio, who have been gracious in allowing me a forum in which to speak to a larger audience. It was an unprofessional oversight on my part, for which there is no excuse and for which I am wholly to blame. I am sorry.

Go 'Dawgs!