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Cocktail Thursday: Vanderbilt Edition.

This week's edition of Cocktail Thursday is brought to you by the letters S, A, R,C, A, S and also M.

Worst week ever to be a Bulldog fan? Nah. Worst in about 8 years? Possibly. And I know exactly why:

Cocktail Saturday. The worst idea in University of Georgia-themed potent potables since the invention of the Cherrishinski.

Cocktails are back where they belong, on Thursday, until further notice. Admittedly, Cocktail Thursday might not have prevented Vance Cuff from getting cuffed for the most benign sounding offense ever. i think Coach Richt said it best when he noted that Cuff  made a bad choice in the route he was traveling. Yeah, that's not the first or last time one of our defensive backs has taken a bad route this season. As I noted in response to Vineyarddawg's fanpost on the subject, Reshad Jones and Bryan Evans were only saved from confinement by the fact that, as usual, they were nowhere near the action. It should also be noted that Cuff was all set to run away from the officer at full speed, until the guy executed a play action fake on 3rd and 12, which guaranteed that the Georgia defensive back would come right back to him like a yo-yo.

In truth, this whole season has taken "a bad route". And while you most certainly shouldn't drink and drive (even on a scooter and even in an alley), drinking would be a perfectly rational response to 60 minutes of exposure to the Willie Martinez defense. In fact, I suggest that this Saturday you imbibe the cocktail which best sums up the zeitgeist of the Georgia defense at the moment:

The whiskey sour. You can find suggestions for how to make a better one all over the internet, just like suggestions on how to improve the patented Willie Martinez "bend but don't break, then break and break and break again" defense. It's light and a bit fruity and not the least bit harsh.  It's been around forever, so every bartender in America knows exactly how it's put together by now. While it contains enough alcohol to pack a slight punch, no one is really scared of it or takes it that seriously. In my unscientific study, it's a lot less popular than it was several years ago. It's Willie-ball in a glass.

Back tomorrow with football analysis of a slightly less tongue-in-cheek variety. Until then . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!