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Thursday Morning Dawg Bites: SEC Power Poll, BlogPoll, the Game I Missed, and the Best Month Ever

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For the most part, I have gotten out of the habit of putting up what we in the blogosphere decorously call "link dump" postings, because, frankly, you’re smart enough to visit The Dawgbone, Team Speed Kills, and SB Nation for all your Georgia, SEC, and national news, respectively. However, I’ve been busy, and there are few subjects that warrant our attention, so, if you’ll pardon me, I’m going to run through them pretty quickly just to get us both up to speed. Bullet points, naturally (which I believe are called "wizard points" in Washington, D.C.):

  • This week’s SEC Power Poll has been released. The Alabama Crimson Tide are solidly entrenched at No. 1 with 15 first-place votes, well ahead of the second-ranked Florida Gators’ five. The LSU Tigers check in at third, with your Georgia Bulldogs finishing fourth.

  • Likewise, this week’s BlogPoll is out, and it, too, features ‘Bama at No. 1. The Tide edged the second-place Gators by a 50-48 margin in first-place votes, with the No. 3 Texas Longhorns occupying the top spot on the other four BlogPollsters’ ballots. Other notables making appearances are No. 7 LSU, the No. 14 Oklahoma St. Cowboys, No. 17 Georgia, the No. 23 Auburn Tigers, the No. 25 Mississippi Rebels, and both the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and the South Carolina Gamecocks among those also receiving votes. Don’t try to think about why Ole Miss is ranked and South Carolina isn’t, because you will only give yourself a headache.

  • They’ve been doing solid work lately over at Dr. Saturday, where I discovered too late that there was a game on last night. I totally missed the fact that Derek Dooley’s Louisiana Tech Bulldogs were playing the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors on Wednesday evening, about which Holly Anderson had this frighteningly accurate description: "Watching a Wednesday night college football game is the sporting equivalent of a heretofore functional alcoholic drinking vanilla extract." It is scary how true that is. Also, Matt Hinton charitably described last Saturday’s game between the hedges as "the Bulldogs’ third good-looking win in a row." Thanks, Doc.

  • Finally, it was the best month ever here at Dawg Sports, as attested to by the handy chart copied shortly before all the final returns were compiled:

    In the end, September 2009 eclipsed the previous high water mark set in September 2008, both in visits (79,057-77,872) and in page views (125,915-123,183). (Apparently, I should tick off Orson Swindle more often!) MaconDawg and I are, of course, grateful for your presence and your participation.

That should get you caught up on all the news that’s fit to print. You may feel free to go on about your business as a fully-informed denizen of Bulldog Nation.

Go ‘Dawgs!