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Should a Georgia Fan Root for Florida in the National Championship Game?

Because there has been some discussion in the FanPosts about whether an S.E.C. fan should root for his conference coevals during bowl season, I thought I’d raise the question here on the main page.

S.E.C. squads have taken the field seven times this bowl season, with one game left to go. Vanderbilt, Louisiana State, Georgia, Mississippi, and Kentucky won the Music City, Chick-fil-A, Capital One, Cotton, and Liberty Bowls, respectively, while South Carolina and Alabama lost the Outback and Sugar Bowls in turn.

A Florida win in the national championship game would give the league a 6-2 postseason ledger, all in bowls played on New Year’s Eve or later. That would represent a strong showing by the S.E.C. An Oklahoma victory on January 8, on the other hand, would drop the conference to 5-3 yet send the S.E.C.’s three least likable coaches (Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, and Steve Spurrier) down to defeat.

Which way should we, as Georgia fans, break on this question? I’ll be rooting for the Saurians out of conference pride and the knowledge that the ‘Dawgs fare well against defending national champions, but I know some of you feel differently. Where will your loyalties lie next Thursday night?

Go ‘Dawgs!