Can't Help It--Enjoyed the Sugar Bowl

I know as a Georgia fan I'm supposed to support every SEC team in every bowl game. I know that the University of Alabama is not one of our Certified Rivals (though us older Dawgs have some residual resentment left over from the Bear Bryant years).

But still, during tonight's Sugar Bowl I found myself cheering for Utah.  And upon examination, my attitude was based on how much I enjoyed watching Nick Saban's unhappiness on the sidelines, much as I enjoyed the Ball Coach's displeasure during his Iowa beatdown. 

Saban's a great coach, to be sure.  But he's one of those great coaches who is an admitted, outfront, unapologetic a-hole.  One of the abiding pleasures of being a Georgia fan is that we haven't had this kind of coach, well, ever. 

I also admit that I've been worried that Saban would have five straight #1 recruiting years and dominate college football for a long time on sheer talent. 

Since Urban Meyer is another admitted, outfront, unapologetic a-hole who could easily dominate college football for a long time on sheer talent, by logic I should probably hope the Okies beat the Evil Gators in the MNC game.  But I won't, since we're talking about the MNC, which needs to stay down South. 

So my attitude is: win every game, a-hole SEC coaches, or accept the opprobrium you have earned from your regional landsmen. 






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