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Finebaum to Kiffin: "You make Al Davis look sane." Vol fans to Finebaum: "#$%&@!"

So, sometimes I imagine Paul Finebaum sitting in his walnut-lined study, waiting for the second cup of irish coffee to kick in and fidgeting with his Joe Namath bobblehead doll, trying to think of something provacative to write about for the morning edition. It's a lot like the scene that takes place in Terance Moore's home office, with the minor addition of ordered paragraphs, rational sentence structure, and actual, factual content. But I digress.

Apparently, Tuesday night's Finebaum brainstorming session was over even before his nightly Andy Griffith rerun. It is, after all, an easy choice lampooning Lane Kiffin. Heck, we've all done it at least once. But not like Finebaum. No, this is a serious gasoline and fatback fueled explosion of sarcasm that will resonate through the hills and hollors. Ladies and gentlemen, with no further ado, Paul Finebaum on "the bizarre and infantile behavior" of Lane Kiffin.

Also, it occurred to me on the way in to work that we've given affectionate nicknames to other SEC coaches. Like the Armani Bear, for example. Lane Kiffin deserves the same level of respect. While I like the suggestion of Hello Kiffykins, I don't think it properly pays tribute to the legacy of Tennessee football, which is best represented by General Robert Neyland. Therefore I will henceforth refer to Lane Kiffin as "General Peachfuzz, Jr." until he gives me a reason to do otherwise.