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A Helpful Recommendation for Mark Richt on the Hiring of a New Special Teams Coach

Walk with me a little way here.

We’re all agreed that Mark Richt needs to hire a full-time special teams coach.

We’re all agreed that Suzanne Yoculan is a master motivator and a coach who has won national championships by expecting excellence.

We’re all aware that Coach Yoculan will be stepping down as Georgia’s women’s gymnastics coach at the end of this season.

We’re all agreed that, after 2008, it would be hard for the Bulldogs’ special teams to get any worse.

Recent references to our rivals from Gainesville appearing here at Dawg Sports have put me in mind of the story of Steve Spurrier working with one of his quarterbacks in practice. Every time the team ran a particular play the Evil Genius had drawn up, the quarterback failed to put the ball where it needed to be placed.

Darth Visor supposedly said, "Maybe I drew it up wrong. Maybe that throw is just too hard to make." Steve Superior then stepped up under center, ran the play, and completed the pass, just to prove to his quarterback that it could be done . . . and to let it be known that he was expected to do it.

Can you picture Suzanne Yoculan booming a kickoff out of the back of the end zone in stiletto heels just to prove that it can be done?

I say Coach Richt should hire Coach Yoculan to guide the football program’s special teams.

Hey, what are the odds that she’ll make the situation worse?

Go ‘Dawgs!