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Monday Morning Roundup

Lots of things going on this morning in the world of SEC sports, including:

Rumor has it that Tim Tebow will be having surgery today. The scuttlebutt is that it's for a torn labrum, but I'm fairly certain the surgery is really to remove Thom Brenamen's lips from Tebow's rear end. Surgery was the only available option after more conservative treatments failed.

Felton's 'Dawgs looked merely inexperienced Saturday in an 86-77 loss to the Tennessee Volunteers. This is noteworthy because it contrasts with their previous postures of "spectacularly inept"and "Wofford-like".

Steve Spurrier is no longer allowed to recruit players from Tucker High School, so says Tucker coach Franklin Stephens. This follows South Carolina's decision to pull the scholarship previously offered to Tucker tailback/linebacker Jonathan Davis, who had actually committed to the Gamecocks. Things are always murky in the world of recruiting, but if the Currently Evil Former Genius or his minions did pull the offer of a kid who was given a commitable offer and accepted it (all within a month of National Signing Day), then Stephens and Davis have a legitimate beef. Unfortunately for Coach Stephens the punishment will be ineffective, because Steve Spurrier hasn't actually recruited since 1994.

On a related note, the American Football Coaches Association has forwarded a proposal for a football early signing period to conference commissioners. Make of this what you will, but I think I've made my thoughts on the matter pretty clear.

Paul Westerdawg has a great take on the recent shuffling of our offensive coaching staff. He and I seem to agree that it's a good thing. As Paul notes, Fred Gibson's refusal to commit to football was never Coach Eason's fault, nor was Martrez Milner'sbout with Fainting Goat Syndrome. Also, Bryan McClendon is, in my mind at least, the epitomy of the player Coach Richt has found success with in Athens: a gutty, high energy guy who should bring that same attitude to his coaching duties. A little new blood is after all a good thing sometimes. And, by my unscientific count, there are currently five former Virginia Tech wide receivers in the NFL who were either coached by Ball during his Hokie tenure or recruited while he was the receivers' coach in Blacksburg. That's more than I would have thought.

Now get to work, and . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!