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Misery: Like Everything Else, It Tastes Like Chicken.

I've never really been one to publicly partake of schadenfreude in college football, but because I told erstwhile correspondent and loyal 'Dawg Darius Dawgberry I would do it if Vanderbilt in fact beat South Carolina last night, I have to point out:

I don't know why everybody is so surprised. They'd lost four SEC games in a row coming in.

There. I am a man of my word. And, yeah, that did feel sorta good. Even if it does mean that the Gamecocks will have their feathers all ruffled by the time we arrive in Columbia. But if the Lou Holtz annointed "Best Defense in the SEC"  plays run defense against us the way they did against Vandy last night, I don't think they could stop Knowshon Rockwell Moreno with a bazooka, four flamethrowers and a dirty bomb smuggled from a cave outside Kabul. Anybody else see what could be the play-in game for the SEC East basement? What were your thoughts?