Thoughts on Saturday or as I refer to it "The Beatdown"

I consider myself a pretty informed football fan, I watch games other than UGA to get a sense of how other teams are playing. I am severely critical of the Dawgs even when we win (my wife tells me that I could have found fault with the Immaculate Conception, but whatever), so I am still trying to figure out how I missed so badly on Saturday. I have watched Alabama play a couple of times (Clemson and Alabama) and they looked good in both games, but not world beaters by any means. Their line play was good, but I didn't really notice them being head and shoulders above anyone else I had seen play. Other than Julio Jones, I wasn't impressed by their skill players either.

That all being said I have either attended or watched every game the Dawgs have played this season and while the lack of pass rush by the front four and the propensity of our young O line to miss blocks or get beat was a concern, I didn't think that it was that bad.  My defensive gameplan would have been the same as Willie, take away the run and make Sarah Jessica Parker Wilson beat you, historically this has been a good bet.

My prediction was 31-17 Dawgs, and I am usually pretty close on these. I NEVER in a million years saw 31-0 at halftime and 41 total points on our D.  So did I underestimate Bama? or overestimate the Dawgs? or somewhere in between?

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