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"Beaver Day" Declared in Bulldog Nation

I arrived at the office this morning and I found the following e-mail from the Blogger Who Came In From The Cold awaiting me:


I urge you – as the Czar of the Nation – to declare today a holiday in the Nation. "Beaver Day" – damn the tittering and middle school laughter. We got a gift last night. Lets thank our friend in Corvallis … and be glad we don’t play them this year!!

I remember when we played them (it was Oregon State wasn’t it?) back in the 80’s. I was outside Barnett’s at College Square near the Arch the morning of the game. A van rolled up- the side door opened – three guys and an empty keg rolled out of the van. One of the guys – somewhat bleary- asked me which way to the stadium. Apparently they had driven straight through with the keg and arrived about 2 hours before game time. As I recollect they stopped by our tailgate – ate some chicken and made their way to Sanford Stadium. Nice guys – gotta look forward to the return of a team with that kind of following.

Any way – GO BEAVERS!! (sounds of giggling in the background).

Hey, a loyal reader request is a loyal reader request. Have a happy Beaver Day!

The over/under on number of minutes between the time I post this and the time someone leaves a comment expressing his hope that Oregon State and South Carolina meet in a bowl game is 20.

While we’re at it, the over/under on number of Alabama quarterbacks whose shoulders the Bulldogs separate tomorrow night is 1.9 . . . which may sound harsh, but, the last time the Tide rolled into Sanford Stadium, anyone who took the under lost money on that bet.

Nevertheless, as always, I urge you not to bet on it. Too Much Information will be forthcoming later this afternoon.

Go Beavers ‘Dawgs!