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CFB Weekly Interviews Georgia Bulldogs, Arizona State Sun Devils Bloggers

We’re getting close to game time and the excitement has been building for a while now. For the first time in my lifetime, Georgia will be playing a regular-season road game outside the South. Saturday’s contest in Tempe literally will be historic.

Accordingly, I suspect you’re looking for good commentary on the game, but, if you were watching ESPN during last night’s Kansas State-Louisville game (about which I was wrong, but I told you not to bet on it and at least it rhymed), you heard Kirk Herbstreit reveal at halftime that he knows absolutely nothing about the Bulldogs’ series with South Carolina. (Also, when asked to rate the Auburn-L.S.U. series among S.E.C. rivalries, Herbstreit said it ranked "up there with all of them!")

If the vacuity of Herbstreit’s remarks left you looking for more (read: any) substantial commentary, you are in luck, as CFB Weekly, the college football blog radio show, features several SB Nation bloggers this week, including C.W. from House of Sparky and me.

You can listen to the show here or download the mp3 by clicking here. In addition, C.W. and I also agreed to exchange interview questions, which should be up later today or tomorrow.

Go ‘Dawgs!