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Why the Georgia Bulldogs Do Not Deserve Your Sympathy for Their Strength of Schedule

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By now, you’ve already seen this elsewhere, but it bore reiterating here, for reasons to which I shall turn forthwith:

Trev’s list of the nation’s toughest schedules illuminates an argument frequently raised and often answered; namely, that Georgia’s schedule is too tough for the Bulldogs to win the national title.

Look at that list a second time:

  1. Georgia

  2. Florida

  3. Alabama

  4. Auburn

  5. Ohio State

Now consider this, which contains one of my all-time favorite lines from the blogosphere:

It's also very interesting (and rote) to note that Stanford had the most difficult schedule in the country. Well, of course, Stanford had the most difficult schedule in the country. They did not have to play Stanford. Every other Pac-10 team's SOS is lower than Stanford's because Stanford dragged them down.

Something like the opposite of this effect is evident in Trev’s list. Yes, Georgia has a tough slate in front of it, but the ‘Dawgs catch one break this season:

They don’t have to play Georgia.

The Classic City Canines play a lot of tough teams this year. Don’t forget, though, that a lot of teams out there---including all four of the other squads on Trev’s list---face a pretty daunting opponent in the Red and Black.

So, before you get too heartbroken about the difficult row Georgia has to hoe, bear in mind the challenge facing Alabama on September 27, Florida on November 1, Auburn on November 15, and Ohio State on January 8.

Go ’Dawgs!