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The Mark Richt Victory Watch

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At the time of Mark Richt’s hiring, I was one of the co-hosts of a local cable television program called "The Dawg Show," which was devoted to the subject you think it was. On the day he was named the head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs, Coach Richt was 40 years old.

Due to the new coach’s youth, I did a little quick math and realized that, if he averaged eight wins a year and coached until he was 65, that would get him to 200 wins. The school record, of course, is Vince Dooley’s 201 victories with the Red and Black.

Then and there, I decided to adopt Coach Richt’s infectious optimism. Beginning with the first triumph of the 2001 campaign, I began counting down each successive conquest along the path to what appears increasingly to be Mark Richt’s inevitable march to the all-time Georgia wins record. We called it then, and I continue to call it now, the Mark Richt Victory Watch.

The Mark Richt Victory Watch now stands at 73. Coach Richt needs 128 more wins to tie Coach Dooley for the lead in program history.

At 73-19, Mark Richt has the best record ever by a Georgia head football coach after 92 games. Only three of his predecessors lasted that long on the Sanford Stadium sideline, and all of them were in his wake: Harry Mehre (56-32-4), Wally Butts (66-24-2), and Vince Dooley (62-26-4) all trailed Mark Richt at the same point in their respective careers.

Go ‘Dawgs!