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Georgia v. Georgia Southern Game Day Open Comment Thread

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Welcome to the first Dawg Sports game day open comment thread of the 2008 football season!

We really managed to get the open comment threads rolling during the College World Series, but that was during a nationally televised sporting event in Omaha which carried less emotional intensity for most Georgia fans than football does, so I’m not expecting quite that level of response, but, even so, let’s see what we can do to carry on a conversation.

(By "we," of course, I mean "you," because I’ll be at the game, but, hey, this is a community and you’re all bright people, so, by all means, talk amongst yourselves. You certainly have a topic.)

Also, as became my practice last season, I am taking this opportunity to name formally an official Dawg Sports honorary game captain, who may not be on the field for the coin toss, but who will be present in our hearts. There could, of course, be only one choice:

Today, the torch will be passed to a new generation of Bulldog, and not just of the two-legged, silver-panted variety that receives scholarships to attend the University of Georgia. Uga VII’s eagerly-awaited coronation is imminent, but let us pause one last time to remember our beloved departed mascot, Uga VI.

He was a damn good dog and we will miss him. Let’s go win one for Uga VI.

Heck, while we’re at it, let’s go win 14 of ‘em for Uga VI, starting with today’s.

Go ’Dawgs!