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Preseason Dawg Sports Interview Tour Now Officially Longer Than the Judds' Farewell Tour

Football season is upon us! Actual games were played last night and already Steve Spurrier has switched quarterbacks, N.C. State has proven that it stinks even worse than South Carolina, Georgia Tech fans have been given cause for false hope, and Stanford has scored its first Pac-10 upset of the young autumn. As my good friend Franklin Gerson likes to say, "It’s as it should be."

With game day in Athens now only one day away, it’s time to hunker down and get in midseason form, football-wise. No, don’t worry; we don’t expect this level of expertise, but, if you’re interested in a little light reading, here’s an interview I did (no audio this time) regarding the Bulldogs’ offensive line issues heading into 2007. Short version: Stacy Searels and Soulja Boy cure all. Although I may have been a bit charitable towards Neil Callaway and I tried not to dwell upon such stories as Ian Smith’s "Tater Salad" incident, I think it’s fairly comprehensive otherwise.

Give it a look and let me know what you think. As always, the depth chart is not my strongest suit, so feel free to correct my (inevitable) errors. I am, after all, the guy who picked Miami (Ohio) to beat Vanderbilt. Oops!

Go ‘Dawgs!