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Don't Forget the Fight Songs: "Going Back"

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In response to a recent FanPost from Dawgb1, I have published the lyrics to "Hail to Georgia", "I Want to Go Back", and, now, "Going Back."

By the way, the fact that we have so many songs about returning to Athens should serve as a lesson to those who think we never leave. Because I was particularly dedicated to the task at hand during my days as a student in the Classic City, I managed to cram five years’ worth of education into a mere nine years, but, eventually, even I had to leave. Why? Because I realized that, if I didn’t go away, I could never come back. I know that sounds like a Nuke LaLoosh-level insight, but the great philosophical breakthroughs take time.

Accordingly, I now offer you the stirring words to "Going Back," for which the lyrics are the handiwork of Morton S. Hodgson (Class of 1908) and the traditional music was, naturally, arranged by Hugh Hodgson (Class of 1915):

Going back, going back, going back to Athens town.
Going back, going back to the best old place around.
Going back, going back to hear that grand old sound
Of the Chapel bell and the Georgia yell,
Going back to Athens town.

It’s simple, yet elegant, like a superhero costume designed by Edna Mode. Also, the Hodgsons get extra credit for mentioning the Chapel bell, which not only is rung after Bulldog victories, but also was rung after my wedding. (Yes, I got married in the Chapel.)

Is it football season yet?

Go ‘Dawgs!