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Don't Forget the Fight Songs: "I Want to Go Back"

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In response to a recent FanPost from Dawgb1, I posted the lyrics to "Hail to Georgia" and this seems to have struck a chord (if you will pardon the phrase).

Consequently, in an effort to encourage Bulldog Nation to think historically in a season we all hope and expect will be historic, I am continuing the effort to underscore our time-honored tradition by posting additional lyrics to Georgia fight songs which too many fans have forgotten or never knew in the first place.

Here now are the original lyrics to "I Want to Go Back," which was written and first arranged by C.T. Conyers (Class of 1922) before being rearranged according to usage by Hugh Hodgson (Class of 1915):

I want to go back to U-G-A,
Back to dear old Athens town,
Back to Q Room and picture show
Back where we used to spend our dough
Want to go back to U-G-A,
Back to dear old Athens town,
Wanta go back, Gotta go back to U-G

There has been some valuable discussion in the comments about the traditional placement of the various fight songs during the game. For the benefit of those fans (including me) who may not be as attentive to such matters as we ought to be, I would be most appreciative if any current or former Redcoats could give us the benefit of their expertise. So that we may know when to sing them, when will we hear these songs played next Saturday?

Is it football season yet?

Go ‘Dawgs!