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Preseason BlogPoll Ranks Georgia No. 1

The eagerly-awaited preseason BlogPoll is out and I am pleased to report that it’s not just jaded overworked reporters and crusty coaches with tunnel vision who have Georgia ranked No. 1 . . . attractive, socially well-adjusted college football bloggers who own their own homes, regularly receive physical shows of affection from the opposite sex, and author postings while fully clothed following the execution of a thorough hygiene regimen agree!

The top-ranked Bulldogs received 24 of 78 first-place votes, ahead of No. 2 Ohio State (17), No. 3 Southern California (15), No. 5 Florida (14), No. 4 Oklahoma (6), and No. 7 Louisiana State (2).

Georgia had the lowest standard deviation of any team in the poll, which means there’s a high degree of agreement that the ‘Dawgs should be good, and your humble correspondent finished fifth in the running for the title "Mr. Bold," which goes to the BlogPollster "with the ballot most divergent from the poll at large." Given the verbal bludgeonings I have taken when winning this award in the past, I’ll take a finish at the edge of the top five any day.

Go ‘Dawgs!