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More Bad News: Dawg Sports Is Not One of Trev Alberts's Favorite Blogs

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As reported by our SB Nation colleagues at Corn Nation (see? another Big 12 blog with "Nation" in the title! it’s like their corner of the blogosphere was carved up by Woodrow Wilson in a hotel room in Paris!), Trev Alberts recently counted down his top five college football weblogs. Take a look:

As has been noted in this space previously, Trev is a traditional media guy who "gets it" where the blogosphere is concerned. (Also, Trev totally carried that slacker Mark May!) His shout out to Sunday Morning Quarterback upon Matt Hinton’s departure for the professional ranks was a particularly nice touch.

Kudos to Trev and congratulations to Corn Nation, FanBlogs, Every Day Should Be Saturday, College Football Resource, and SMQ.

I guess now we know which blogs we need to have lose in order for Dawg Sports to climb back into the national championship hunt. In a related item, if anybody goes all Jeff Gillooly on the two index fingers with which Orson Swindle does all of his typing, well, MaconDawg and I were nowhere near there and we have a time-stamped picture of ourselves eating lunch together 50 miles away while holding up the front page of that day’s newspaper for the camera, so it wasn’t us. Really.

Is it football season yet?

Go ‘Dawgs!