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Without Trinton Sturdivant, Is Georgia No. 1?

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Football season is almost upon us. Seemingly the entire membership of the United Nations (Burnt Orange, Double-T, and Rock M . . . for crying out loud, there are more Big 12 blogs with "Nation" in the name than there are Big 12 stadia with "Memorial" in the name!) is talking about poll voting, Brian Cook is getting philosophical upon that very subject, and I earlier this week issued the final call for feedback on my intended BlogPoll ballot.

Here, however, is a question which, frankly, must be asked:

In the wake of the injury to Trinton Sturdivant that had Quinton McDawg lamenting his loss as "the most damaging" imaginable and MaconDawg listening to emo (no . . .

. . . not that Emo), is Georgia still No. 1?

Your input is humbly solicited; try to answer dispassionately, not as though you had just viewed the scoreboard montage. Discuss.

Go ‘Dawgs!