Coaches Poll

Well, as I'm sure everybody has heard, UGA is the preseason #1. I was wondering what everybody's thoughts on this were. Personally, I hate preseason polls and would do away with them if I could. However, they exist, and they must be dealt with. So here we go.

This is the first time in my 22 years that the Dawgs have been ranked #1 at any time. I always figured that this happening would be accompanied me jumping through the roof of whatever building I was in due to a combination of pride, excitement and oMG WE'RE #1!!!!!!1!!!eleven!!! type thoughts. Instead, I'm feeling a bit worried and, to be honest, upset. I didn't want to start at the top. I wanted for the coaches to play the "no respect" card. I wanted for the team to have something to build toward. It's much easier to prove people wrong than to defend the top and prove them right. This, however, is all mental. Hopefully, after the way last season ended, the team can overcome any mental blocks.

From a practical standpoint, however, its awesome. Our schedule already gave us more room for error than pretty much any other team. Starting the year at the top gives us that much more. Should it come down to several one loss teams, or even a two loss team, working for position at the end of the season, we will be at the top of the pile. All trepidation aside, this is an enormous advantage.

Besides, I can only imagine that very few things will compare to the rush I will get on a clear afternoon not too far off where these words will echo through Athens...

"And now...if you're blood runs Red and Black...get on your feet...and lets make some Sanford Stadium noise...for your NUMBER ONE RANKED GEORGIA BULLDOGS!!!"

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