More Nike bat stuff, with your host.....Gordon Beckham!

Recently, a friend showed me this video (I guess made a few months ago?) that CBS sportsline did with the baseball team.  It is absolutely hilarious but I wanted to post this video to only FURTHER the conspiracy theory of these Nike bats.  At the 50 second mark you can see Gordon Beckham expressing his displeasure with the bats.  


Check out the PILE of broken bats in the corner of the locker room.   That has to be like what 20-30 bats just sitting there shattered?  This is absolutely ridiculous that our team has to put up with Nike and its crappy baseball bats.  I haven't played baseball since high school but I'm pretty sure it's a sign when no I knew on my team or the other team EVER used Nike bats.  Besides, I have only seen ONE shattered metal bat in my entire life let alone a pile of 20 or so.


I'm not saying let's dump Nike completely (I like our apparel just fine) but this crap they call bats is preposterous.  And while I'm ranting, I saw a commenter that said that Nike is still supplying our swim team's gear.  Has anyone been paying attention to the Olympic swimming trials lately?  See any Nike gear out there on Michael Phelps or ANY other top swimmer?

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