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Howard Schnellenberger: Good at Fashion, Bad at Math

Yesterday morning, Senator Blutarsky called our collective attention to this:

''What we'd like to do is have Central Florida, South Florida, FAU and FIU play a round-robin,'' Schnellenberger said Tuesday as the Sun Belt Conference Football Media Days wrapped up in the Big Easy. "Then have Florida, Florida State, and Miami play each of us one time. We would play four games within the state before we get into conference play and do this for four years. Do you know what that could do for the state of Florida?''

That’s a slam-fantastic idea there, Howard. Let’s think through how that would work.

With all four Sunshine State mid-majors (loosely defined) "play[ing] a round-robin" and each of them "play[ing] four games within the state" to start each year, you’d have U.C.F., U.S.F., F.A.U., and F.I.U. each beginning the season with three games against one another, followed by a fourth Floridian game for each of them thereafter.

In the first year, let’s say Central Florida would play its fourth local game against Florida.

Then let’s suppose South Florida would play Florida State that same year.

Then let’s reckon Florida Atlantic would play Miami at the same time.

Then Florida International’s other in-state opponent would be . . . ?

Go ‘Dawgs!