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Completely Unrelated: Kid Rock Needs to Quit Reminding Us How Much Better Other People's Music Is Than His

Kid Rock recently was placed on probation for an assault at an Atlanta waffle restaurant. (I’m assuming "waffle restaurant" is a euphemism; if it occurred within a quarter-mile of an I-75 off-ramp, I’d bet you any amount of money which waffle restaurant it was.)

Evidently, he also spent the entire summer of 1989 singing "Sweet Home Alabama"; I suspect that fact, coupled with his recent criminal conviction, would get him branded as another S.E.C. outlaw in some corners of the blogosphere, but, alas, Kid Rock is a Michigander.

None of that, though, is my reason for this edition of "Completely Unrelated." My purpose is instead to ask this question:

Am I the only one who turns up the radio when he hears the beginning of "All Summer Long," only to suffer genuine disappointment when it turns out not to be "Werewolves of London"?

Admittedly, I am particularly partial to Warren Zevon, but, still, isn’t the drop-off in expectations comparable to what one feels when what initially seemed to be "Under Pressure" wound up instead being nothing more than "Ice Ice Baby"?

Yes, I just likened Kid Rock to Vanilla Ice. The longer you think about that, the more the analogy will make sense.

Go ‘Dawgs!