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Tim Tebow and I Agree That It's O.K. for Florida to Lose to Georgia

If your Wednesday afternoon at the office was at all productive, you obviously didn’t know Garnet and Black Attack’s C&F was liveblogging the first day of S.E.C. Media Days.

As much as I enjoyed his coverage of Mike Slive, Urban Meyer, Sylvester Croom, Les Miles, and Bobby Johnson, my favorite moments came from Tim Tebow’s time at the podium, when the Golden Child the Root of All Evil had this to say:

3:04 p.m. Tebow: More important to "put a smile on a kid's face" than to beat Georgia. Man, it's sad to see how out of whack some players' priorities are.

3:16 p.m. The end zone celebration by Georgia: That did nothing for me but just fire me up." Not for Tebow to say if it's right or wrong, but he acknolwedged it worked.

The second quotation seems a bit contradictory. The end zone celebration "did nothing" except fire him up, but "it worked"? Well, then I guess it did something besides fire him up, didn’t it?

Then again, perhaps the two halves of that statement are reconcilable: Tebow was fired up, which is why the Gators scored 30 points; the defense wasn’t, which is why the stratagem worked.

In any event, there’s no offseason line of conversation I enjoy more than, "Is this the reason Georgia beat Florida or is that the reason Georgia beat Florida?"

As for the first quotation, well, mission accomplished, Timmy; your admirable priorities certainly put a smile on my face!

Mark Richt is due up at 9:40 this morning.

Go ‘Dawgs!