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Initial Thoughts on the Michael Lemon Dismissal

You’ve already heard it reported by Paul Westerdawg and the Journal-Constitution, but Michael Lemon has been dismissed from the Georgia football team.

In announcing the dismissal, Mark Richt had this to say:

He’s been dismissed as a result of some poor decisions and conduct that is not in line with standards we have in place at Georgia. I have had discussions with Michael and he understands the decision. He expressed a desire to find a path back to the team at some point but that’s a decision that will depend on several factors and will come at a later date.

Although the initial police report alleged only a misdemeanor violation, Lemon later was charged with a felony, thereby triggering an immediate and indefinite suspension (as mandated by athletic association policy) pending an investigation.

By reading between the lines, we may infer that the investigation evidently led Coach Richt to conclude that suspension was insufficient. Based upon Coach Richt’s track record (which included a lengthy suspension of Odell Thurman based upon his "zero tolerance" policy), I suspect that, absent an acquittal or a decision not to prosecute in the case, Lemon has played his last down of Bulldog football. This is purely a gut reaction on my part, but I would be surprised, and disappointed, if an arranged plea to a misdemeanor charge would be sufficient to put Lemon back on good standing with the team.

Go ‘Dawgs!