More Eavesdropping on the enemy...

Not really "eavesdropping," but definately conversing with the other side.

I just got back from a bid-ness trip to Orlando and met one of my new co-workers who graduated from UF in '01.  I did not immediately reveal my affinity to all things Red and Black, but could hardly mistake this young man's connection to UF...seeing that his entire workspace cubicle was a virtual shrine to any/all things Gator.  When the inevitable question was asked of me, "So, where did you go to school?" I proudly said, "UGA...class of '86."   My new co-worker's happy-go-lucky demeanor immediately changed and a serious pall replaced his otherwise youthful, pink and rosy complexion. 

"We've got to beat Georgia.  If we don't win a game this year, this is the one.  But of course, we've got an incredible offense..."

To which I replied, "Yeah, but defense wins championships.  I think we've (UGA) got both sides of the ball covered."

By now, my young friend became a bit more uncomfortable with the whole direction of the conversation.  But then, the predictable history lesson was summoned:  "Well, we pretty much own you guys.  15 of 18 or something like that."

To which I replied, "Yeah, perhaps that era has ended.  I think you'll find that a little research will reveal the streaky nature of this rivalry.  And it is a rivalry again.  But good luck to you, anyway."  I still don't think the younger generation understands how important history is in a rivalry at all. 

If he is typical of the general Gator consensus out there, the pressure is on.  The sort of pressure we heaped upon ourselves as a fan base and team for nearly two decades.  It's palpable. 

How 'Bout EM!

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