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A Fitting Tribute to Uga VI?

During a recent telephone conversation with occasional Dawg Sports commenter College Buddy (not his real name, by the way), I was informed of an interesting school of thought in Bulldog Nation of which I had been unaware.

As you know, my response to the recent passing of Uga VI was one of sadness followed by anxiety. While I know the Seiler family has prepared for the succession, I still am somewhat unnerved by the notion that, right now, there is no official Uga. I am uncomfortable with the idea that the throne is vacant, as it were. I’m ready for a coronation.

However, a relative of College Buddy’s sees it differently. Given the return to football prominence that occurred during Uga VI’s reign and the elevated expectations for the 2008 season, a member of College Buddy’s family has a novel idea.

He thinks we shouldn’t name a new Uga until after the 2008 season.

He’s not suggesting discontinuing the tradition, mind you; quite the contrary. He believes this season should be dedicated to the memory of Uga VI, complete with reminder patches on the sleeves of the players’ jerseys.

It is being suggested that, rather than merely bowing our heads for a respectful moment of silence prior to the "Battle Hymn" solo before the Georgia Southern game, we should wait to anoint a successor, allow the empty doghouse on the sideline to serve as an inspiration, and posthumously award Uga VI a varsity letter (and, hopefully, a national championship ring) for the 2008 campaign.

Neither College Buddy nor I necessarily endorses this idea, and, in any event, the decision regarding when Uga VII will be introduced to Bulldog Nation rests with the Seiler family and the Seiler family alone.

It is, however, an intriguing idea, enough so that I thought it appropriate to share the thought with all of you and solicit your responses. Have at it.

(By the way, so I will not be the target of good-natured jabs from close family members for publishing this posting in the middle of the day, I should mention that one of the upgrades to SB Nation 2.0 allows me to set publication times in advance so that they pop up automatically. Yes, I’m at work, and, yes, I’m doing my job. If I’m not there to do it, the law won’t practice itself!)

Go ‘Dawgs!